Some of our Patients share their weight loss surgery experience:

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jennifer had Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr Owens in November of 05. Here she is before and after.

The lap band surgery and the support from Dr. Owens are why I feel that my life has changed for the better. I can honestly say that I have a second chance of life to enjoy my new me and my 2.5 year old daughter. I have lost 160 pounds in the last 16 months and have gained so much more health, happiness, and life.

On august 28th 2006 i gave birth to my 4th child and suffered a sub arachnoid bleed in my brain. I was told my weight combined with my pregnancy was a huge (literally at 320pds) factor for this and that i needed to drop my weight and fast. So i began researching weight loss surgery after a year and being referred to Dr.Owens by a friend whom had great results i set my date to start living and on October 25th 2007 at Alvarado hospital weighing in at 336 pounds and 31 yrs old Dr Owens gave me that life. Now 2 yrs later i am 152pounds and still losing i lost 150 pounds in the first 13 months...184pounds lighter i now enjoy all the things i was never able to do and can never say thank you enough. Today i celebrate my 10 yr wedding anniversary in a dress(size 8) and heels i would never have been able to wear before thank you Dr. Owens i will remember and keep you in my prayers forever.

"Feb 5th 2003 my life as I knew it was forever changed. Little did I know just how much it would be. From 292 lbs to 120lbs I now can live my life as it was meant to be lived. Words can't clearly express my gratitude. I have learned how to care for myself with your help and the support of other patients and my new friends... At 120lbs I sure look good doing it . If having a healthy future is something you really want for yourself and your family then this can be yours too. I coming up to my 2 year surgery date and life is VERY GOOD. Thank you Dr Owens for your excellent care and all the Coastal Center staff you have helped me change my life. I have become the real & true me and I LOVE who I have become!"

I’d wanted Gastric Bypass surgery for years but no one in my family would let me do it. I’d been morbidly obese for around 9 years. Everyone including my G.P. was completely against the Gastric Bypass. When I heard about the Lap Band I was so excited! Surely I thought that no one would object to this. I researched it, called different physicians and finally made an appointment with Dr. Owens. I just love him. It was slow losing weight and I was a little discouraged. Today I weigh in and I’ve lost 101 lbs!! I’m very close to my goal. I rarely think about food . When I do, I’m very conscious about what I eat. Dr. Owens has made this journey so much better than any other doctor could have! I drive 100 miles to see him, but I wouldn’t ever think about changing doctors; he’s worth the drive! Karen