Some of our Patients share their weight loss surgery experience:

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“Ok, my jeans on 25 February 2005, was a size 58 and they were tight, except when they fell to my knees when I walked and or tried to bend over to pick something up, unless I wore suspenders. Geez!, get the picture. Not a pretty site for this ole country boy from Bama. That would be Alabama for you non-southern folk. I am happy to say, I wear a size 38 jeans now, and weight in at 225 pounds. That is a big ole 221 pounds of me gone. You could say that I’m half the man I was a year ago or you could say… gnaw.. You can say it, I’m cool with it. I really don’t have to go to the Big n Tall stores, or I should say my wife doesn’t have to shop there. I do have a lot of skin from that other person that no longer resides within me but I’m not sure what will happen to it. I stayed on a strict diet the first 12 months and did very little exercise. I did walking and a little resistance weight room work out maybe 1once a week, but I walked 5 days a week during my lunch; sometimes without my walking buddy. She knows who she is… I vowed after the one year mark, I would concentrate on a more intense weight training routine. Since the 1st year went according to plan, I hope to accomplish the same on this next phase; the toning and shaping up. Well, that is were I am at now in my life. Enjoy the pictures; this is what I always thought I looked like. Geez, I just had a lot of icing covering me up. Hahaha. Thanks to all that have been on this journey with me, and thanks to all who will continue on with me on this journey and where it takes me.”

Having this surgery is the best decision I have ever made. I have no regrets, and I'm absolutely happy with myself. This procedure is like a gift of a fresh start, a chance to relearn eating habits - better ones. Rancho Specialty Hospital has the most helpful and caring staff. They made me feel important and very comfortable. I can't thank them enough. Sincerely, Kathleen."
Kathleen lost 70 pounds in 5 months. (Pre-Op Weight: 247, Post-Op Weight: 177.)

Ok, I'm only 24 years old but by the time I was 23 I was 325 lbs. My jeans were a size 56. I remember being teased because of my weight and my nephew who is like a son to me calling me “fat”, which is what hurt me the most. I had no luck with the ladies and at my job I was going nowhere. I had tried dieting and regular exercise programs but nothing was working until one day my mom heard el Piolin por la manana and the surgery he had done and how well it worked for him. So we decided to go to the seminar about the surgeries and that's when I decided that I was going to have it - in less than a month. On Sept 10 2007 I went into my surgery weighing in at a whopping 325 lbs and a 56-58 inch waist. But one year later I'm 24 years old 127 lbs lighter and a 36-38 inch waist! I'm definitely getting more attention from the ladies, and I've gotten a promotion at my job! I feel better than I ever have, thanks to Dr. Owens. I literally owe him my life.

Thomas Fernandez shown above at pre-op and 50lbs lighter only one month after surgery!

Thomas is known for being the Piolin por la Manana Show Producer for Univision Radio in Los Angeles.

Here's a photo of me now, 9 years after my surgery by Dr. Owens. I have real vacations and do more with my kids then I every imagined. Thanks, Dr. Owens.

Above is a photo taken right before the surgery in February 2006. Then there's one of me at my company Christmas party on December 23, 2007. It is an unbelievable difference and I owe it to Dr. Owens. You have made me feel like a new woman - and a healthier one at that. You both were so wonderful to me and I cannot thank you enough. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!! All my thanks, Harriet

“The CCO staff treated me with respect, dignity and compassion. I knew that they will do everything they could for me. I felt confidence in their laparoscopic surgical skills so my post-operative recovery would be quicker. Life has changed dramatically, I feel a 1000 times better. Prior, I couldn't get up in the morning....no more"