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Why Choose Us for your Weight Loss Surgery?

Most importantly, Dr. Owens has an established record of weight loss outcomes that rank among the best in the field. His low complication rate translates to safer surgery for you. Dr. Owens' patient selection has not been limited to moderate BMI's under 45, so no matter where you are starting out, you can reach your weight loss goals with a lower risk of complication.

Dr. Owens is contracted with most major insurance companies. He is committed to your care no matter what insurance you have, whether it is PPO, EPO, HMO, Medicare, purchased through your employer or by you individually. Whatever hurdles you face, Dr. Owens will do his best to assure your access to care.

Your care is personal to us. Meet our Practice Manager Cristi Regalado and you'll know that your case will be treated by us , as importantly as it is to you.

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Our Patients' Success Will Inspire You!

Meet some of our patients who faced similar weight challenges as you and are now enjoying healthy lifestyles.

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  • Surgery Options

    Severely overweight patients are not all alike. However they know that obesity is unhealthy

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  • Dr Owens Experience

    Dr. Owens has had decades of surgery research and surgery experience.

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  • Meet our Patients

    Donna R went from 216 lbs down to 128 lbs! She discusses her surgery's success with Dr. Owens

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  • Surgery Payment Options

    Insurance company policies regarding coverage of bariatric surgery can vary widely.

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