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Weight Loss Surgery

Is Weight Loss Surgery for me?

Itís my opinion that almost anyone suffering from Obesity should be considered a candidate for surgery. The exclusions might be drug addicts or active alcoholics, undergoing chemotherapy treatments, or are pregnant.
First let me say that the word Obesity is a word used to classify you into a weight category. Itís not a slur, though it often feels like one to patients. It means that you are approximately 100 lbs overweight or have a Body Mass Index of 40 or more. If youíd like to calculate your BMI please use our BMI calculator below:

Itís a weight at which your risks of living with it are greater than the risks of weight loss surgery. You may also have a BMI of 35 and suffer from related illnesses that would also make you a good candidate. We know that patients have operations like back surgery, or joint replacements to relieve pain and increase mobility. They choose surgery not to lengthen their lives, or cure to diseases, but to increase comfort and quality of life. These surgeries may have a higher risk and lower reward than weight loss surgery. Similarly, patients commonly have operations to improve social and emotional aspects of their lives; cosmetic procedures are an easy example. All surgeries have their own risks and rewards. So it follows that patients with BMI's below 40 might choose to have weight loss surgery for other than life-saving reasons. They must, however, be extremely well informed as to the risks and benefits associated with surgery. I include seniors and teens in my practice following the same risk, benefit assessment.