Gastric Bypass Patient Testimonials

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I just wanted to submit my success story for Dr. Owens Website. I had my surgery in May 2006. I was 256 at the time. I lost down to 135 and managed to keep it plateaued there til September 2007 when I had my plastic surgery done to augment my breasts and do a revised tummy tuck. I have been 135-140 since September 2007. I first got the surgery to help with an arthritic ankle that I was taking steroids to try and sequester the pain. The outlook was not positive on the path to resolving the pain. So in speaking with my orthopedic surgeon, he suggested weight loss surgery. I went through the process with Dr. Owen's staff there in Orange county and I was approved before too long. I adore Dr. Owens. He was so great to me during the whole process and seemed pretty stoked with the outcome. I have attached my pictures. The after side of this is from Labor day wknd.

Here are my before and after pics. In the first one I was 262. Now I'm 122. Thanks so much again for giving my life back. - Misty

Michelle has lost 100 lbs after 1 year!

“Due to Dr. Owens and his program team, I am healthier and more physically fit than ever. My energy level now rivals that of my sixteen-year-old twins. I have participated in two 5k walks and I'm working up to a three day walk. I'm enjoying my new look.”

Before the surgery Philip had high blood pressure, was on 2 Rx's, suffered from arthralgias, and high cholesterol. Philip is now 170 lbs lighter and takes no medication.

“The CCO staff treated me with respect, dignity and compassion. I knew that they will do everything they could for me. I felt confidence in their laparoscopic surgical skills so my post-operative recovery would be quicker. Life has changed dramatically, I feel a 1000 times better. Prior, I couldn't get up in the morning....no more"

“I turned 40 and decided I didn't want to have diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma and high blood pressure. All that went away with surgery. I am completely healthy."

Before and after

“I had no life before my surgery and I was a very unhappy person. Thanks to Coastal Weight Loss Center, I now have my life back. I can enjoy life and my children. I would have this procedure again in a New York minute!”