Gastric Bypass Patient Testimonials

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“Ok, my jeans on 25 February 2005, was a size 58 and they were tight, except when they fell to my knees when I walked and or tried to bend over to pick something up, unless I wore suspenders. Geez!, get the picture. Not a pretty site for this ole country boy from Bama. That would be Alabama for you non-southern folk. I am happy to say, I wear a size 38 jeans now, and weight in at 225 pounds. That is a big ole 221 pounds of me gone. You could say that I’m half the man I was a year ago or you could say… gnaw.. You can say it, I’m cool with it. I really don’t have to go to the Big n Tall stores, or I should say my wife doesn’t have to shop there. I do have a lot of skin from that other person that no longer resides within me but I’m not sure what will happen to it. I stayed on a strict diet the first 12 months and did very little exercise. I did walking and a little resistance weight room work out maybe 1once a week, but I walked 5 days a week during my lunch; sometimes without my walking buddy. She knows who she is… I vowed after the one year mark, I would concentrate on a more intense weight training routine. Since the 1st year went according to plan, I hope to accomplish the same on this next phase; the toning and shaping up. Well, that is were I am at now in my life. Enjoy the pictures; this is what I always thought I looked like. Geez, I just had a lot of icing covering me up. Hahaha. Thanks to all that have been on this journey with me, and thanks to all who will continue on with me on this journey and where it takes me.”

"Dr. Owens saved my life. This surgery saved my life. From looking at 500 pounds in 2002 to looking at 200 pounds in 2003, the view has sure changed from hopeless to spectacular. As for finding the fountain of youth, if you are morbidly obese, look no further. My previous medicine regimen took about 2 hours taking the various pills, inhalers and sugar medicines, checking and rechecking blood sugar levels. I was on the highest levels of prednisone (45-65 mg) 3 times a day just to breath. I was in the emergency room so much, the DR's knew me by first name. Every visit would result in an admission, for at least 5 days and normally more. My average stay was 16 days at a time. Last time I was there, they didn't even recognize me until the wife showed the before and after photo. I don't even carry my inhaler anymore. When I say this saved my life, I really mean it!"

"What a phenomenal year! On April Fools Day, 2003, Dr. Owens presented me with the gift of WLS. After a lifetime of being overweight graduating to morbid obesity, at the age of 51, my transformation began. I now maintain a weight loss of 110-115 lbs. and can’t wait to start each new day at peace with myself and my body. Words could never begin to express the love and appreciation in my heart and soul for the CCO surgeons and how they helped bring about the metamorphosis of ‘me’. Forever grateful!"


"My highest weight was 299 lbs (shown above). I weighed 288 lbs right before my surgery, and dropped down to 226.5 lbs 3 months post-op. My current weight is 158 lbs. I've lost a total of 140 lbs in one year: 15” off of my bust, 16” off of my waist, 20” off of hips - total inches lost 51”. I went from a size 22W jean to a size 10. Thank you, Coastal!"

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My name is Lori and I had gastric bypass surgery on June 26th, 2007 (a little over 14 months ago). Dr. Owens performed my surgery at Chapman Medical Center in Orange, California and gave me a new start to my life. Before surgery I topped the scales at 368 pounds (I can say that number now, but before surgery, no way... my weight was a "taboo" subject and we didn't dare discuss it). I know everyone says it, but the weight literally just "fell off" for the first 6-9 months. At my 6 month mark post-op I was down 100 pounds. Now, 14 months after surgery, I am HAPPY to say I am in the 100's again and down a total of 170 pounds. I can't even believe how far I've come in such a short period of time. I'd like to lose another 40-60 pounds and I'm working very hard toward that goal with a whole lot of exercise, exercise, exercise. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary with a trip to Maui, Hawaii. For the first time in over 20 years I was comfortable in a bathing suit!

1 1/2 Years after I had Gastric Bypass Surgery I am 1/2 the women I use to be! My starting weight on July 18, 2002 was 310lbs and I currently weigh 155lbs after losing 155lbs. Back in 2002 other than being morbidly obese I had no other current medical conditions. However, my family medical background had drawn the picture of my future which would include Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and eventually death. The only thing I had going for me was my age and that too was coming and going quickly. I knew I had to prevent what was going to happen to me if I stayed morbidly obese. That along with going on a business trip with my boss almost caused a near death experience for me . First, having to beg the flight attendant not to assign me a seat in the middle of two other passengers. Second, the humiliation of asking for a seatbelt extension and having to move to the last row of the plane. Third the refusal of food, although hungry, because the tray could not fold down and fourth having to keep up with boss as we had 2 minutes to get from one side of the airport to another. As I found myself trying to cover up my hard breathing so the boss wouldn't notice I thought to myself that was it, I had enough! On July 18th 2002 I would take control. Today, 18 months later I am still in control and have began phase two what I call the "Reconstructive" part of this journey. I recently had a Panniculectomy surgery in which 7 lbs of hanging skin was removed from below my belly button. Most people don't realize after you lose weight and even though I exercised I still required Reconstructive Surgery. The good news is that insurance covered this surgery due to medical reasons. I always tell others that Weight Loss Surgery is 25% losing the weight and 75% emotional. The further out from surgery I am the more I live and breathe that statement. I am 100% dependant on my re-trained healthy eating habits that were so important early on during the "honeymoon" stage of weight loss surgery. Yes, my pouch controls the portion but only I control what is made up of that portion this far out post op. For me its been pretty routine. Eat my protein, take my vitamins, exercise and drink water. I am also and advocate for Support Groups in person or on-line. In conclusion, I would like to thank Dr. Owens for giving me back what I didn't realize I had and that was my life!

Before surgery my knees were giving out, I could not walk for any length of time because of severe back pain, and I had high blood pressure and cholesterol. I will never forget June 29th, 2004 (date of surgery). It was the beginning of a new life. I thank Dr. Owens for giving me a life I never had before. I have always had a weight problem, but was at the highest weight ever. The decision to have the gastric bypass surgery was the best decision of my life. I would make the same choice again, and choosing Dr. Owens as my surgeon was another very good choice. I am now wearing sizes I never even thought of be able to wear, sizes 6-8. I enjoy walking again, and am able to be much more energetic than I have for a very long time. My doctor has reduced my blood pressure medication and I may be able to discontinue it altogether, my cholesterol is the lowest I’ve ever known it to be, and there is much less stress on my knees and back. Thank you Dr. Owens and the Coastal Center for Obesity nurses, staff and all of the people who made me feel so comfortable in my decision, surgery and recovery.

I've lost 160 lbs in ~ 1yr. My sister decided to have surgery with Dr. Owens as well! She is about 3 months in, has lost about 60 lbs. and has had no complications. My wife is currently undergoing the approval process for surgery with Dr. Owens.