Some Patient Testimonials

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Donna R.
Donna R went from 216 lbs down to 128 lbs! She discusses her surgery's success with Dr. Owens in this video interview:

Douglas R.
Douglas lost 205 lbs from April 2011 when he underwent Gastric Bypass. Now at 205 lbs.(June 2012) he is enjoying being healthy and active.

Pacorro is a well known personality with his own national radio program. His job requires a lot of energy. He was concerned about his future; afraid of developing health problems. Pacorro has lost over 100 lbs so far!

Meet Francisco "Pacorro" Galvez..

My name is Nicole, and I am 38 years old. I had Gastric Bypass surgery in September of 2006. I was the heaviest I had ever been at 209 and was very unhappy with my body and very depressed! It was to the point I would turn down invites to go out with my friends. I hated getting dressed every morning, and it put a strain on my intimate relationship with my husband. I developed severe female problems, severe asthma, and I was very unhappy. When I talked to a neighbor who also had undergone Gastric Bypass surgery by Dr. Owens, I began to see it as a possible solution.I never in a million years thought I would have this surgery. Now I feel great, look great, and have been able to keep the weight off! I am now 115bs. When I saw Dr. Owens for my first or second follow up, he was very pleased. He told me that I am at the ideal weight for my height, and that this is why he loves what he does - because of patients like me. It made me very happy and will never forget that. He did a fantastic job, and I have no regrets.

On august 28th 2006 i gave birth to my 4th child and suffered a sub arachnoid bleed in my brain. I was told my weight combined with my pregnancy was a huge (literally at 320pds) factor for this and that i needed to drop my weight and fast. So i began researching weight loss surgery after a year and being referred to Dr.Owens by a friend whom had great results i set my date to start living and on October 25th 2007 at Alvarado hospital weighing in at 336 pounds and 31 yrs old Dr Owens gave me that life. Now 2 yrs later i am 152pounds and still losing i lost 150 pounds in the first 13 months...184pounds lighter i now enjoy all the things i was never able to do and can never say thank you enough. Today i celebrate my 10 yr wedding anniversary in a dress(size 8) and heels i would never have been able to wear before thank you Dr. Owens i will remember and keep you in my prayers forever.

jennifer had Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr Owens in November of 05. Here she is before and after.

"Feb 5th 2003 my life as I knew it was forever changed. Little did I know just how much it would be. From 292 lbs to 120lbs I now can live my life as it was meant to be lived. Words can't clearly express my gratitude. I have learned how to care for myself with your help and the support of other patients and my new friends... At 120lbs I sure look good doing it . If having a healthy future is something you really want for yourself and your family then this can be yours too. I coming up to my 2 year surgery date and life is VERY GOOD. Thank you Dr Owens for your excellent care and all the Coastal Center staff you have helped me change my life. I have become the real & true me and I LOVE who I have become!"

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I would like to thank Dr. Owens for giving me back what I didn't realize I had and that was my life! I now weigh 175 pounds. A loss of 177 pounds!! Over half of me…

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"My battle with morbid obesity began when I was 19 years old, and for 16 years, I yo-yo dieted my way up to 367 lbs. My life changed on May 2, 2003 when I had Gastric Bypass Surgery through Coastal Center for Obesity. In my first year postop, alone, I lost 184 lbs - more than what I weighed at one year out! To date, I've lost 222 lbs and have been at goal since 15 months postop :) I've gone from a Women's Plus Size 7X to a Misses 4. It hasn't been an easy ride, but it is so true when they say that the surgery acts as a tool - not an easy tool but definitely an effective one! I have found that it is no longer just willpower that is keeping me on the right path, and my new anatomy helps to "force" dietary compliance. I am more in touch with my body now more than ever, and I can actually feel hunger and fullness knowing when I need to eat something (and when it is time to stop). I never had this before - rather it was just eat and eat until there was no longer any food left. Before the surgery, I was always eating to feel full and thus satisfied, neither which ever really happened, but since surgery, most of the time I've been full before I am satisfied. For the first time in my life, I finally have control around food (instead of it controlling me), and I am confident that I'll be able to maintain the weight I've lost :) I definitely have no regrets, other than wishing I hadn't waited so long to find out about and follow through with WLS and Coastal Center for Obesity!"

Before the surgery Gabe suffered from severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure and heartburn.

Dr. Owens changed my life. He waved his magic wand and made ME again. I was a pretty large girl most of my life, but it got much worse after each of my daughters were born. I've always been adicted to food, and I was a binge eater in the past. I had tried everything (acupressure, hypnosis, Weight Watchers, Lindora, Curves, Phen-fen, all types of diet pills, and even the 'Biggest Loser' at home). NOTHING worked. The decision I made to have gastric bypass surgery SAVED MY LIFE. I thought long and hard about it, but the one reason that finally made up my mind was my daughters. I wanted them to see their mom happy and living life to the fullest (not just some lump on the couch that didn’t do anything with them). I started at 450 lbs, and I am now down to 220 in 18 months! I have never felt so alive in my life. I can walk faster then my kids, I can run and play, I fit into the seats at the movie theater, and much, much more… Its the most amazing thing that has happened in my life since the birth of my kids.

I worked as an RN at a university hospital that had a surgical weight loss program. I refused to look at surgery as an option for myself. WHY???? Because I believed that my weight was my responsibility. That I had gained it therefore I must loose it and I should not do anything as drastic as surgery. At that point in time I weighed 280 pounds and had tried most diet and exercise programs ever developed. I began to learn about surgical weight loss; the process, the procedures and most importantly to me the disease aspect of obesity. Dr. Milton Owens was my surgeon and Dr. Douglas Krahn assisted with my case. I chose to have the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and I had laparoscpic surgery on July 24, 2004. I was back to work in 2 weeks. I proceeded to lose 125 lbs in about 18 months.

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