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LAP-BAND® Patient Testimonials

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“I chose the lap-band for several reasons. The lap-band procedure is clearly less invasive with fewer, on average, negative side effects. Additionally, the banding is reversible. In my case, I was able to return to work after about a week and a half, after staying in the hospital only one night. I've not experienced dumping or vomiting although this is different for everyone. nine months after banding, I still have to work at managing my food intake, choosing the right foods, portion control, and eating slower, but the band has been a huge help. I immediately realized some benefits. For example, my acid reflux disease went away immediately and my legs and ankles no longer swell. Today, It is still possible to over-eat and I am aware that with-out self control, I could still gain weight, even with the lap band. The things we all know "about why we eat" are now even more poignant. The band makes it very clear that my eating is compulsive and emotional. However, the band reminds me that I am full is very helpful is maintain attempting to manage my eating compulsions. As of today (06/3/05) I have lost about 87 pounds (from 409lbs.), my goal is to loose another 78 or so reaching 240lbs. Exercise, is key (yes we hear it over and over). I still have to make myself exercise, but it is easier now that I can see some results. I currently walk 3-4 days a week, about three miles each time. I'm excited and have a much improved self image. I'm never going to be an Abercrombie model, but hey, I'll be able to shop at the mall in "regular sized" men's stores! I'm really looking forward to loosing the next 78lbs over the next 18 months. All-and-all I am happy that I had the band installed and would do it again. Just remember, it is not a magic fix, just a weight loss aid. I still have to battle the food addiction daily. On a side note, costal center has been wonderful. Dr. Owens is a great surgeon."