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Obesity Help, Rancho Specialty Hospitals, and Coastal Center for Obesity discuss their obesity program including their specialty programs for Spanish speakers (also in Spanish)


DR. Milton Owens

KNBC-4 October 13, 2003 11:14 PM Channel 4 News (2:28)

Dr. Owens discusses weight loss.

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(From left to right, Dr. Milton Owens, Medical Director and Al Roker.)

Al Roker shares his story with weight loss surgery patients at Coastal Center for Obesity Patient Seminar.

Al Roker was the featured speaker at the Coastal Center for Obesity Patient Seminar, February 22, in Orange County. Nearly 300 people attended the event and were entertained by Roker. As well as sharing his experience with Weight Loss Surgery, the slimmed down Al Roker answered questions from the audience. Dr. Owens, Medical Director at Coastal Center for Obesity presented information and educated the group on Weight Loss Surgery.

Is gastric bypass surgery a miracle cure for the U.S. obesity epidemic?

By Marci A. Landsmann

We've all seen Carnie Wilson on TV, touting the benefits of bariatric surgery...

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Dr. Owens and Pacorro Galvez, speaker of Memory 103.9, 98.3 FM.

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San Diego Channel 10 runs one of the many success stories of Dr. Owens and the Coastal Center for Obesity. Dr. Owens, and patient Kathleen, talk about obesity surgery and her great success with weight loss.

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This article discusses Teens and Weight Loss Surgery. Dr. Owens answers questions on the subject.

This 7.5 minute Medical Diary video follows Jennifer Revel as she considers and goes through with Bariatric Surgery as a solution to being over 180 lbs. overweight.

The show Good Morning America examines a new clinical trial that is being conducted for a new device called the Gastric Stimulator. This experimental device - much like a cardiac pacemaker - it creates impulses that slow the emptying of the stomach. As a result: you experience a loss of appetite hopefully leading to weight loss. It is less risky and expensive than standard bariatric surgery. (6 minutes)

Robin and David talk about how great they feel after going through gastric bypass surgery as a way to gain a normal life back from being morbidly obese. (1:43)

Dr. Bruce Hensel discusses the new medical weight loss device called the Gastric Stimulator and interviews Dr.Owens about his clinical trial and its potential benefits. (1:31)

Husband and wife - Ali at 350 lbs. and Keoni at 693 lbs., decide to undergo bariatric surgery as other weight loss methods have failed. Join them as they meet with Dr. Owens to discuss the procedure and risks. (2:06)

A 61-year-old, 321 lbs. Grandmother underwent gastric bypass at Chapman Medical Center to address serious medical problems that can be improved through weight loss surgery. (0:54)

Wanting to walk again - that is what Loraine Little intends to do after she completes surgery for weight loss. In order to be fitted with a prosthetic leg, she needed to lose 130 lbs. (1:48)

Dr. Owens states that the tendency to gain a lot of weight is largely genetic and it is not your fault. Watch a short animation that shows what a distal gastric bypass surgery involves.(0:21)

An Extra piece on the plight of the morbidly obsese. (0:18)

A KCAL 9 Battling The Bulge news clip reports on a new FDA clinical trial of the Gastric Stimulator. Dr. Owens discusses in detail how it works. (3:10)

Round Two
By GREG HARDESTY of the Orange County Register

Ramona Galindo has two big strikes against her in her fight against obesity. She says she's lazy. And she loves to cook.

"There are a lot of people out there like me without the willpower of a Lance Armstrong," said Galindo, 43, overweight since the sixth grade - and among the one-third of American adults who are obese.
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