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Our Patients' Success Will Inspire You!

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Meet our patients and their surgeon:
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(Gastric Bypass)
(Gastric Sleeve)
(Gastric Sleeve)
Kathleen's Gastric Bypass Success Story on Video Bill's Gastric Sleeve Success Story on Video Jennifer's Gastric Sleeve Success Story on Video Rachel's Lapband Success Story on Video
(Gastric Bypass)
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
Nicole's Gastric Bypass Success Story on Video Dr. Owens explains the Gastric Bypass surgery on Video Dr. Owens explains the Lapband surgery on Video Dr. Owens explains the Gastric Sleeve surgery on Video
Meet Dr. Milt Owens
Over 22 years of experience in bariatric surgery, medicine and management of over 8,000 patients.
Who's this cutie? What's up?
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Happy, Healthy Successful!
Find out more about Paco Galvez and how he changed his life. 
View a video with his story!
Dr. Owen's BlogStay Informed!
Get the latest information on weight loss surgery and insights - Our current news

A variety of payment options are available for expenses not covered by your insurance

Insurance Plans that may cover your bariatric surgery

For more information & a free evaluation of your plan please call 1-800-475-3383 or email us

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